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Destination: Visioneering Studios West

September 6, 2011 — by John Parker

Visioneering Studios West

We recently had a chance to host our first-ever “open-house” of our new Visioneering Studios-West location. However, rather than a familiar crowd of family and friends, we opened ourselves up to the “friendly fire” of some of the top international theme park & attraction designers in the world. We hosted the Themed Entertainment Association, what I jokingly refer to as the “ex-Disney/Universal recovery group.” TEA represents the “creators of compelling places and experiences.”

The Garden Room

It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with old friends and industry alumni, as well as to announce the launch of our very own VSI Leisure Group, a studio within Visioneering re-focusing on the industry that was our “training camp.”
I personally enjoyed walking guys that “Imagineered” EPCOT through our space, which was designed to be a metaphoric walk from the “Garden” to the “City”, following the story arc of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Upon entering our lobby, visitors enter a “spa-like” lobby with exotic hardwoods, and exotic curios collected from our Third World community development projects.

Uptown "Corporate" District

The journey progresses towards towards a more “corporate district” made up of cooler tones. We ended the evening loitering in Visioneering’s SoHo lounge, representing the cultural creative bohemian downtown district.

SoHo Lounge a.k.a. "my office"

“Everyone was overwhelmingly impressed with your projects and facility…We appreciate your participation in TEA and look forward to another successful “Behind the Orange Curtain” event soon”.
-Lynn Allmandinger, TEA Western Division V.P.