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2017 Solomon Award: Best Church Building Design

October 12, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


We’re honored to receive the 2017 Solomon Award in Best Traditional and Contemporary Church Building Design on Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina.

Solomon Award Crosspointe Church

Nearly 100 years ago, churches were rarely just a Sunday house of worship – they were known for building hospitals, schools, universities, community centers and more that served their surrounding neighborhoods. At Visioneering, we’ve been honored to partner with many churches over the years who desire to bring some of that history back into the present with multi-purpose facilities that serve the community beyond their four walls. When we first heard that Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina was looking for community solutions rather than just a building, we couldn’t wait to come alongside.

In the “triangle” area of North Carolina between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, population was soaring – and with it, a surge of issues among local youth. More teenagers were getting into trouble, and more children were becoming obese at an alarming rate. The leadership at Crosspointe wanted to provide positive resources for local youth but knew they wouldn’t be as effective on their own. So, they began to develop partnerships with other organizations in the area, including the YMCA.

The location of Crosspointe would also be a key advantage in engaging people in the area. Sitting at the trail head that leads down to Jordan Lake, Crosspointe’s site was a destination for anyone walking, hiking, or biking up the trail from the lake. We began to dream together – what if those people could join a Zumba or Crossfit class when they got to the church? What if youth found afterschool programs that were actually worth the walk?

In order to provide a seven-day-a-week experience for the community, we re-designed Crosspointe’s existing spaces and expanded with reuse and activity in mind. There is a full kitchen that will be leased out by a local baker, a coffee house open daily, trails, and recreational areas throughout the campus for physical activities. Even the lobby itself was designed to house everything from exercise classes to MOPS groups. And of course, the 650-seat gymnasium that houses Sunday worship can now additionally be used for events throughout the community.

Solomon Award Crosspointe Church

The next step in completing Crosspointe’s updated facilities was to add additional space that would house a YMCA. The YMCA, open for membership, provides another 1,400 seats for Crosspointe’s services. The gym doubles as a worship center, complete with projection scoreboards that can turn on and off, and thus transform the room. The YMCA also uses Crosspointe’s nursery and Pre-Kindergarten rooms for their daycare services, thus greatly reducing the amount of square footage that would have been required with two separate building projects.

That’s not the only thing unique about the YMCA addition on Crosspointe’s campus. Thanks to the creative mind behind Crosspointe’s Administrative Pastor, TJ Terry, we were able to take the trees we harvested from the expansion site and use them as building materials on the YMCA – carrying the theme of reuse throughout both the old and new buildings. At Visioneering, we embrace every opportunity to redefine the culture around us to a movement of repurposing, and we were thrilled to partner with a leadership team that values the same responsible design.

Solomon Award Crosspointe Church

When you step foot onto Crosspointe’s new campus, the lofted ceilings and natural design elements invite you to take a deep breath and feel the endorphins – as though exercising in the fresh air. From the open concrete floors meant to withstand a lot of activity, to the hanging ropes used as seating area dividers, reflections of nature brought inside can be found throughout the buildings’ materials.

As part of our ministry at Visioneering, we feel called to do everything we can to help our church partners answer the tough questions that come along with building, and move forward with clarity and confidence towards greater Kingdom-impact. With Crosspointe, we focused on three main ideas:

1) Story – Who is their community, and what are they passionate about?

2) Soil – What is unique about their city and region?

And, 3) Stewardship – What are the next steps we can take towards their goals without exhausting their ministry budgets?

Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina is a beautiful example of churches being for their
communities again, every day of the week.


Behind the Build: Boys & Girls Club

August 4, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


boys & girls club


After 60 years of serving youth, the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana wanted to invest in the future with a renovation that would be as bold and innovative as the next generation. At Visioneering Studios, we were honored to partner with them in creating a high-impact design that took advantage of their aging structure’s bones and worked within their budget.

From teaching 100% of the youth in their program how to code, to exposing them to entrepreneurship and robotics classes, the Boys & Girls Club needed a physical space that reflected their 21st-century programs, and their promise to continue investing in the future of youth.


This renovation allowed us to bring a new energy and investment into a neighborhood that really needed to know that people care for them and believe in their potential.

-Robert Santana

CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast

The results have been moving. Where a parking garage for a bus once stood, now is the home to an interactive teen center, where neighborhood youth can have a safe space for community and learning. The walls of the facility are strewn with statements to encourage kids to come alive, believe in themselves, and take ownership of the space. 85% of the youth feel they are better students, more confident, and have a support system to help them become successful. And 90% of parents see noticeable improvement in their child’s grades since joining the Club. That’s neighborhood transformation we are honored to be a part of!

Take a look at the video below to go Behind the Build of the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana and learn more about this radical redesign:


Behind the Build: Centerpoint Church

June 16, 2017 — by Gino Beltran

LOCATION: Murrieta, CA
SERVICES: Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, & Construction

Centerpoint Church


Last year we were honored to receive the Solomon Award in Best Church Design for Youth and Children’s Spaces with the second phase of construction with Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, California.  Pastor John Hansen and his team invited us to envision a property where families, high schoolers, and junior high schoolers could gather and have a sense of belonging, as a tribe of their own.

The result was a state-of-the-art, 750-seat worship center, and a 15,000 square foot youth and administration venue, housing youth activities, after-school programs, and an indoor/outdoor cafe. We were able to take Pastor John’s concept for the space, and bring it to the next level of purpose, all while working within Centerpoint’s budget.


We have a place now that we are able to use for a dynamic explosion of ministry that’s fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

–Pastor John Hansen

At Visioneering Studios, we can’t wait to see how Centerpoint’s campus continues to evolve into a safe and welcoming place for families in the Temescal Valley. Take a further look below Behind the Build of Centerpoint Church:




Space to Dream

May 17, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


space to dream

Do you feel stuck between the story of your past and the story of your future?

Your physical environment may be holding you back. Take a look around you — does your space communicate your values? Does it resonate with your culture? Or does it lack connection to your beliefs and identity?

What if you gave yourself the space to dream big? What would the story of your future say?

In this week’s Potluck Society podcast, host Hugh Weber discusses the effect space has on our stories with our own Steven Chaparro.



The future will be inspired by the past, but it can’t come in the same form of old ideas. You must connect old ideas with each other to create new ones.

Steven Chaparro


More Than a Sunday Morning

May 11, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


On this week’s Influence Podcast, Influence Magazine Senior Editor John Davidson talks with our VP of Development Advisory Services about maximizing your church’s space.

influence magazine


These are just a few of the questions John Davidson of Influence Magazine presented to our own Randall Coy this week.

From wells and cathedrals, Development Advisory Services, what environments communicate, and how your neighbors view your church, Randall offers critical advice for any ministry leader considering a church design-build.



Your site, your space, your facility – it’s a representation of who you are to your community. Offer your neighbors more than a Sunday morning experience – create space for them 7 days a week.

Randall Coy


Behind the Build: The Father’s House

April 19, 2017 — by Gino Beltran

Location: Vacaville, CA
Divisions: Envision, Design, Build
Services: Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction

the father's house

In January of 2016, The Father’s House in Northern California celebrated the Grand Opening of Phase 1 of our partnership, which included a brand new auditorium and children’s building. Over the last 19 years, this powerful community has grown from just a few people in a living room to now three campuses, including Napa, East Bay, and the newest — Vacaville.

Pastor Dave Patterson had a vision for the Vacaville location to take people on a mindful journey of God’s presence, no matter where they went on campus. “When we started this project, we had a verse in Exodus 33 that says, ‘God don’t lead us up from here without Your presence.’ Visioneering took that verse from Exodus and created a storyboard that took us from the Wilderness, right into the Promised Land, through the Red Sea with a Cloud of Glory — all of which was represented architecturally. It was quite enjoyable watching that process come to fruition.”

From the flaming “Pillars of Light” to the Children’s Ministry area called “The Passage,” every detail incorporated into the design and architecture of The Father’s House helps tell the story of God leading His people out of Egypt from a life of slavery to a life of freedom. It’s Pastor Dave’s desire that every person stepping on campus would feel the same hope of God’s chosen people in that story of Exodus.

Additionally, for the first time ever in TFH’s 19-year history they have a campus that’s publicly exposed — allowing them not only to thrive and grow in the area, but further their vision of reaching more people who are far from God.

“Since we’ve been in this new auditorium, we’ve seen close to 1,000 people added to this location. We’ve had people come who have never attended church, and we’ve been able to do some nights of worship and events at a brand new level.”

At Visioneering, we can’t wait to continue our partnership with Pastor Dave’s team into Phase 2 of the Vacaville campus, and keep revealing the God-story their community has to offer. Take a further look below Behind the Build of The Father’s House:



2016 Solomon Award: Best Church Design for Youth and Children’s Spaces

November 28, 2016 — by Gino Beltran


We’re thrilled to receive this year’s Solomon Award in Best Church Design for Youth and Children’s Spaces through a special project with Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, California. 

Six years ago, we were privileged to develop Centerpoint’s state-of-the-art worship center to fulfill Phase 1 of the project. Our Envision.Design.Build team built the 750-seat auditorium, while working closely with Centerpoint to ensure maximum value under a limited budget.

A 15,000 square foot youth and administration building followed this year, combining twin venues that junior high and high school ministries use. This seamless integration of space houses youth activities and after school programs, and includes an indoor/outdoor cafe. Above the combined youth building sits the new administrative offices, creating an interesting angle of three intersecting porches. 

church design

Playgrounds, courtyards, and lounge seating surround the new cafe, filling out a pavilion that will eventually also include prayer trails and gardens. This welcoming space can be seen while driving by on Washington Avenue, just southwest of the campus, inviting all in the community to come visit, relax, and enjoy one another.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Pastor John Hansen, Pastor Kim Seebach, and Centerpoint in fulfilling their vision to provide a place of safety and refuge to the city of Murrieta.

You can read more on this project and our partnership with Centerpoint here.


2016 Solomon Award: New Campus Construction Design

November 21, 2016 — by Gino Beltran


We’re honored to receive the 2016 Solomon Award in Traditional and Contemporary Church Building Design for New Campus Construction Design on Grace Place in Berthoud, Colorado.

After renting meeting places for several years, Grace Place was able to purchase several adjacent buildings in the heart of downtown Berthoud, as well as 19 acres of land to develop in the city’s center.  Founder Clay Peck had a vision to not only reach the “burned, bored and bypassed” in his city, but ultimately to create an intentional gathering place that could be utilized by the entire surrounding community. Through this multi-phase project, we were able to help Grace Place develop Trailhead Cafe, an outreach initiative and restaurant venue, as well as Cross Creek Commons — a $10 million development located at the U.S. Route 287 and Highway 56 interchange.

New Campus Construction Design
2016 Solomon Award: Grace Place

Our collaborative design for Cross Creek Commons includes a 26,000-square-foot, 600-seat auditorium with a rooftop deck (and spectacular view of the Rockies), Trailhead Café and bookstore, and a 9,000-square-foot children’s area called The Outpost. Completed construction will also include a 1,200-seat event center, youth facility, community garden and greenhouse, and an outreach facility to be used for food and clothing distribution, and more. The area will also be adorned with ponds, waterfalls, walking trails, and prayer paths.

To read more on this captivating project and partnership, visit Worship Facilities here

We loved this opportunity to work with Clay Peck on cultivating a gathering space for the city of Berthoud. We look forward to seeing all of the ways it will be utilized for years to come! And special thanks to 2 Fold Studio for their finishing touches on the development with way finding, children’s theming and interior signage.


A New Creative Era: #wearevisioneering

June 10, 2016 — by Gino Beltran


A Creative New Era for Visioneering Studios, Inc.

“Vision is a preferred future. A destination. Vision always stands in contrast to the world as it is. It is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.”
– Andy Stanley

new creative era

Provision Ministry Group and our family of ministries had the vision of launching a creative design studio that responds to the unique needs of the local church, through the redemption of people and place. They held a clear picture of a preferred future, one in which space could be designed as a form of architectural evangelism. This vision became reality in 2002 with the formation of Visioneering Studios, Inc. For 14 years, our collective of creatives at Visioneering Studios has served worship, non-profit and commercial clients by offering world-class, innovative solutions.

First, and foremost, at Visioneering Studios, we are storytellers; we are not just developers, designers, architects, and builders. But, the stories we tell are not our own. We feel commissioned to come alongside our partners who are the true visionaries and storytellers. They lead movements and organizations that have unique stories crafted by a unique people, place, and passion. Additionally, we are “well-diggers” rather than “temple-builders”, just as in the Biblical story in John 4, where the Samaritan woman meets Jesus at the well and receives the words of living water in a non-sacred place. It continues to be our privilege to come alongside many, on their journeys, to create Christ-centered communities where the lost and the least would feel at home seven days a week.

Originally established as a design firm, Visioneering Studios has steadily grown and now provides “look to launch” services that include architecture, development advisory services, master planning, architecture, interior design, real estate consulting, pre-construction, construction management, and turnkey design-build services, which may be provided directly, through our own family of companies, or through strategic relationships with others among our ministry partners. As we launch into the future, it is our vision and desire to bring all services within a comprehensive firm under the Visioneering Studios, Inc. (VSI) brand.

Our multi-disciplinary team, of nearly 50 Visioneers, has come together as a creative collective to deliver unique Envision.Design.Build projects for many types of client-partners. Through this multi-disciplinary team, we are licensed to perform architectural services in over forty states and general construction services in over thirty states. Our team of creatives remain poised to guide our ministry partners and organizations in their real estate, design, architectural, and construction needs.

Recently, Mel McGowan, with one additional design team member, has made the decision to join the design firm PlainJoe Studios. The family at Visioneering is thankful for Mel’s years of service, as an employee of VSI, and of his legacy as a founder of VSI. We prayerfully look forward to building upon that shared vision for years to come.

John Cissel, who presently serves as the President of Visioneering Real Estate, Inc., has agreed to lead VSI as its Chief Executive Officer. Bob Bergmann, formerly a Principal Designer with AECOM, the world’s largest architecture & engineering firm, and VSI’s second employee, will remain as Design Director of VSI. Bob will continue to provide design, planning and creative leadership to the team, as he has over the last 14 years. Danae Dougherty, VP of Architecture & Design, and Visioneer for 12 years, will continue to lead the design team.

We have had a special relationship with Visioneering Envision.Design.Build, Inc. (“VEDB”) for more than five years. As part of our multi-disciplinary team, VEDB will continue to lead our general construction management and services. John Parker, President of VEDB and former Disney Imagineer, James Cortez, Chief Financial Officer of VEDB, and Greg Ahmann, VP of Construction of VEDB, will continue to lead the construction services team.

Visioneering is entering into a new creative era of its vision to provide “dream-to-dedication-day” services for clients across the country, and the world, and maintain our mission to “design, develop and build destinations that lift the spirit…now and forever.”

We are Visioneering.


About Visioneering Studios:
Visioneering Studios, through our integrated Envision.Design.Build process with a multi-disciplinary team, provides “look to launch” services that include real estate brokerage, development advisory, master planning, architecture, interior design, construction and construction management. Our unique approach to multi-disciplinary development, design and construction of economically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually sustainable communities has attracted principals and associates from some of the world’s leading firms.
More information is available at


About Provision Ministry Group:
The Provision Ministry Group is a highly intentional family of ministries partnering with churches in every season of life to accelerate their impact from “launch to legacy”. Provision was established in 2003 to provide direction, leadership and support services to a growing family of ministries that began with Church Development Fund, Inc. in 1953. Today the “Ministry Partners” in the Provision Ministry Group provide financial resources, management services and leadership support through investment options, church loans, new church planting, legacy church guidance, donor advised funds, church staffing, real estate services, construction consultation, master planning and church site design.
More information is available at



Hollow Studios Contracted by Visioneering

October 8, 2015 — by Gino Beltran









Los Angeles, CA – Hollow Studios (formerly Hollow 4D Studios) signs multi-year media contract for a large mixed-use project in San Diego, and adds to its stable of seasoned producers.

Attraction media production specialists, Hollow Studios (Hollow), have been selected to develop two large format films and pre-show media for Visioneering Studios, lead attraction developers for a large mixed-use project in San Diego. Filming includes live action shoots in England, Israel and the U.S. and an international cast.

Joining the Hollow team are film maker Kevin VanHook, and Chadd B. Cole, a 3D visual effects specialist, who bring years of experience with them, having worked on numerous live-action and animated films for television and the large screen. VanHook’s credits include THE FALLEN ONES, SLAYER, HART’S WAR, LAW & ORDER SVU, and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS among others. Cole’s credits include THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, RIZZOLI AND ISLES, A VERY LARRY CHRISTMAS, A SUNDAY HORSE and many more.

“We are thrilled to be embarking on this project with Visioneering,” stated Hollow Founder, Dave Love. “Kevin and Chadd bring great experience and incredible attention to detail to every project. They are producers who really raise the bar on media development for every project.”

Visioneering’s team is led by President John Parker, a former Disney Imagineer and Thea Award winner for his role in the development of the groundbreaking Soarin’ Over California attraction. “It is humbling to tell a story through space which is considered sacred by millions.”

Visioneering Studios is partnering with multiple firms to design and develop several attractions for the $180 million+ project, dubbed “PromisedLand,” which will strive to immerse visitors with the sights, sounds and tastes of Israel. The mixed-use destination is scheduled to open in Fall of 2017 in the San Diego area.

Hollow will be producing the media for two attractions:

  • “Wings Over Israel” – a film which will take viewers on an epic fly-over journey around and through the major sites of the Holy Land
  • “HIStory Dome” – a fast paced, twelve minute journey from the Garden of Eden to New Jerusalem in an immersive dome environment.

Hi Res images link:

Image 1 – PromisedLand, Aerial View, Concept Art

Image 2 – PromisedLand, HIStory Dome Theater, Concept Art

Image 3 – PromisedLand, Arrival Plaza “Wailing Wall” will feature Jerusalem limestone


# # #


About Hollow Studios: Hollow Studios is an award-winning film and media production company that has produced numerous ride films and media for attractions all over the world. Recent titles include XTerminator XD, Penguin Express, and Night at the Toy Store.

About Visioneering Studios: Visioneering Studios (VS) is a nationally licensed master planning, design, architecture, interiors, and construction company with multi-disciplinary offices across the US. VS was founded by former Walt Disney Imagineering and AECOM Leisure Group alumni in 2002 and develops live/worship/play destinations, including the Las Vegas Mob Experience and Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.


Hollow Studios Media Contact:                 Visioneering Studios Media Contact:

Lisa Welch                                                                Gino Beltran, VP of Marketing

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Mobile (818) 606-7478                                


Hi Res Images:

Image Thumbnails (lo res):

Image 1 – PromisedLand Aerial View, Concept Art
hollow studios

Image 2 – PromisedLand, HIStory Dome Theater, Concept Art

hollow studios

Image 3 – PromisedLand, Arrival Plaza “Wailing Wall” will feature Jerusalem limestone
hollow studios