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Behind the Build: Boys & Girls Club

August 4, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


boys & girls club


After 60 years of serving youth, the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana wanted to invest in the future with a renovation that would be as bold and innovative as the next generation. At Visioneering Studios, we were honored to partner with them in creating a high-impact design that took advantage of their aging structure’s bones and worked within their budget.

From teaching 100% of the youth in their program how to code, to exposing them to entrepreneurship and robotics classes, the Boys & Girls Club needed a physical space that reflected their 21st-century programs, and their promise to continue investing in the future of youth.


This renovation allowed us to bring a new energy and investment into a neighborhood that really needed to know that people care for them and believe in their potential.

-Robert Santana

CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast

The results have been moving. Where a parking garage for a bus once stood, now is the home to an interactive teen center, where neighborhood youth can have a safe space for community and learning. The walls of the facility are strewn with statements to encourage kids to come alive, believe in themselves, and take ownership of the space. 85% of the youth feel they are better students, more confident, and have a support system to help them become successful. And 90% of parents see noticeable improvement in their child’s grades since joining the Club. That’s neighborhood transformation we are honored to be a part of!

Take a look at the video below to go Behind the Build of the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana and learn more about this radical redesign:


7 Key Strategies for Developing Collaborative Genius

July 8, 2016 — by Steven Chaparro


“Genius is a team sport.”

– Tim Sanders, Author

Developing a culture of collaborative genius using both art and science.

Collaborative Genius
creative genius

When an organization is young, it is understandable if it’s growth is driven by the genius of its founder.  It may even be acceptable that the culture and creativity be driven by an individual person or a single perspective.

However, as the organization matures, it usually becomes decidedly clear that organizational myopia will stunt its growth.  In order for it to be healthy, sustainable, and prone to growth, the organization must be driven by a host of voices, perspectives, and strategies.  We like to call this a collaborative genius.  At Visioneering Studios, we have identified seven key strategies for developing a culture of collaborative genius using both art and science.

  1. Data-Driven (information) – this is the science aspect of leadership employing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to analyze your business and give you the metrics required to make strategic decisions.  When I was an executive at Hovnanian Enterprises, I was trained to “inspect what you expect”.  It does no good to expect great results if you do not inspect the metrics of the business.  How will you know if you are satisfying your customers unless you carry out customer surveys?  How will you know how much it takes to acquire a new customer without determining the Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)?  How will you know your sales conversion rate unless you track all your leads through the entire sales funnel? Providing the data to these questions will free your team to make decisions with confidence.
  2. Culture-Driven (people) – the greatest strength of any company is its culture.  Peter Drucker is famously credited with saying that, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” A good leader must be very intentional about his role as the Chief Cultural Architect to envision, design, and build an organization around its values.  This can be crafted and implemented by its hiring and leadership development practices, the design of its workplace environment, and its priority to corporate social responsibility.  It’s one thing to understand the customer journey, but it’s another thing to understand the journey of your team members.
  3. Story-Driven (marketing) – this would very much reflect our creativity and thinking to arrive at new ways to tell the stories of our clients and our firm. Gone are the days when a company focuses on telling stories of how it is the hero of their stories.  Any good corporate storyteller understands that the customer is the true hero of this story.  Telling stories where the company is cast as the guide commissioned to meet the needs and aspirations of the customer-heroes will reap dividends.  Doing this well is the challenge.
  4. Stewardship-Driven (finances) – Dave Ramsey, a well-known finance guru, often speaks about the value of a budget, not only for our personal finances, but especially for business leaders. He defines a budget as “…telling your money where to go”.  Just as my father-in-law has a very specific place for every single tool in his garage, every dollar in our budget must have a place to go.  Some entrepreneurs see a budget as a financial straight-jacket, but it is a framework, or a defined sandbox, in which you can play.  It is important to count and manage the costs…all costs.  Time, Talent, and Treasure
  5. Process-Driven (Journey) – we never begin a process with preconceptions.  We understand that the journey is our destination. When I was in architecture school, I was taught to avoid beginning a design project with a pre-conceived outcome.  To do so would defraud the potential of the design.  Each line we drew would inspire the next line.  In that way, the outcome would inevitably be richer than any perception would have netted.  If you establish a process as your focus, then the customer hero will enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.  There is much discussion these days about the customer journey and employing strategic design to create a remarkable customer journey brand experience.
  6. Democracy-Driven (Evangelism) – Even at Visioneering Studios, we understand that individual Visioneers have certain specialties and strengths, but we also believe that everyone is a creative, everyone is a storyteller, and everyone is an evangelist in their own rights.  This mindset is at the core of collaborative genius. It then become part of the role of the specialists to equip the greater team to become part of this collaborative genius.  How can the procurement team think of creative ways to cut costs?  How can the IT tell the story of the firm on their personal social media channels?  How can the designer be equipped to evangelize her firm during a shared elevator trip?
  7. Innovation-Driven (Disruption): Even creative thought leaders run into the danger of becoming the status quo if their story doesn’t change with the times. If a company doesn’t disrupt itself, it will be disrupted.  It must undergo a continuous movement of change.  In their new book Illuminate, Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez of Duarte, Inc. write that every company must go through continuous cycles of Dream, Leap, Fight, Climb, Arrive, and (re)Dream.  This innovation curve is more about continuous disruption that it is initial disruption.  Some would argue that Apple has moved from a company of innovation to a company of iteration.  This is dangerous territory.

From the science of data to the art of story, it is imperative for any organization take on the approach of a collaborative genius to build a sustainable future.  By bringing in multiple perspectives, you will be equipped with the information you will need to take the make creative and scientific decisions.  As Tim Sanders writes in his recent book, Dealstorming, “Genius is a team sport.”


A New Creative Era: #wearevisioneering

June 10, 2016 — by Gino Beltran


A Creative New Era for Visioneering Studios, Inc.

“Vision is a preferred future. A destination. Vision always stands in contrast to the world as it is. It is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.”
– Andy Stanley

new creative era

Provision Ministry Group and our family of ministries had the vision of launching a creative design studio that responds to the unique needs of the local church, through the redemption of people and place. They held a clear picture of a preferred future, one in which space could be designed as a form of architectural evangelism. This vision became reality in 2002 with the formation of Visioneering Studios, Inc. For 14 years, our collective of creatives at Visioneering Studios has served worship, non-profit and commercial clients by offering world-class, innovative solutions.

First, and foremost, at Visioneering Studios, we are storytellers; we are not just developers, designers, architects, and builders. But, the stories we tell are not our own. We feel commissioned to come alongside our partners who are the true visionaries and storytellers. They lead movements and organizations that have unique stories crafted by a unique people, place, and passion. Additionally, we are “well-diggers” rather than “temple-builders”, just as in the Biblical story in John 4, where the Samaritan woman meets Jesus at the well and receives the words of living water in a non-sacred place. It continues to be our privilege to come alongside many, on their journeys, to create Christ-centered communities where the lost and the least would feel at home seven days a week.

Originally established as a design firm, Visioneering Studios has steadily grown and now provides “look to launch” services that include architecture, development advisory services, master planning, architecture, interior design, real estate consulting, pre-construction, construction management, and turnkey design-build services, which may be provided directly, through our own family of companies, or through strategic relationships with others among our ministry partners. As we launch into the future, it is our vision and desire to bring all services within a comprehensive firm under the Visioneering Studios, Inc. (VSI) brand.

Our multi-disciplinary team, of nearly 50 Visioneers, has come together as a creative collective to deliver unique Envision.Design.Build projects for many types of client-partners. Through this multi-disciplinary team, we are licensed to perform architectural services in over forty states and general construction services in over thirty states. Our team of creatives remain poised to guide our ministry partners and organizations in their real estate, design, architectural, and construction needs.

Recently, Mel McGowan, with one additional design team member, has made the decision to join the design firm PlainJoe Studios. The family at Visioneering is thankful for Mel’s years of service, as an employee of VSI, and of his legacy as a founder of VSI. We prayerfully look forward to building upon that shared vision for years to come.

John Cissel, who presently serves as the President of Visioneering Real Estate, Inc., has agreed to lead VSI as its Chief Executive Officer. Bob Bergmann, formerly a Principal Designer with AECOM, the world’s largest architecture & engineering firm, and VSI’s second employee, will remain as Design Director of VSI. Bob will continue to provide design, planning and creative leadership to the team, as he has over the last 14 years. Danae Dougherty, VP of Architecture & Design, and Visioneer for 12 years, will continue to lead the design team.

We have had a special relationship with Visioneering Envision.Design.Build, Inc. (“VEDB”) for more than five years. As part of our multi-disciplinary team, VEDB will continue to lead our general construction management and services. John Parker, President of VEDB and former Disney Imagineer, James Cortez, Chief Financial Officer of VEDB, and Greg Ahmann, VP of Construction of VEDB, will continue to lead the construction services team.

Visioneering is entering into a new creative era of its vision to provide “dream-to-dedication-day” services for clients across the country, and the world, and maintain our mission to “design, develop and build destinations that lift the spirit…now and forever.”

We are Visioneering.


About Visioneering Studios:
Visioneering Studios, through our integrated Envision.Design.Build process with a multi-disciplinary team, provides “look to launch” services that include real estate brokerage, development advisory, master planning, architecture, interior design, construction and construction management. Our unique approach to multi-disciplinary development, design and construction of economically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually sustainable communities has attracted principals and associates from some of the world’s leading firms.
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About Provision Ministry Group:
The Provision Ministry Group is a highly intentional family of ministries partnering with churches in every season of life to accelerate their impact from “launch to legacy”. Provision was established in 2003 to provide direction, leadership and support services to a growing family of ministries that began with Church Development Fund, Inc. in 1953. Today the “Ministry Partners” in the Provision Ministry Group provide financial resources, management services and leadership support through investment options, church loans, new church planting, legacy church guidance, donor advised funds, church staffing, real estate services, construction consultation, master planning and church site design.
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