The Poverty Encounter

Sylmar, CA

    A 90-Minute Immersive Experience

    The goal of The Poverty Encounter is to help open their guests' eyes to the lives of children who live in poverty. However, beyond that, they also provide a concrete opportunity to give back through packing food boxes. 

    When Children's Hunger Fund came to Visioneering Studios our designers saw it as an opportunity to bring their personal experiences to the project. With a background in serving around the world, they dug in to help Children's Hunger Fund bring this vision to life. 

    The experience begins in the lobby themed as an airport terminal as they board a plane to four distinct experiences. They visit a garbage dump in Guatemala, Haiti after the earthquake, a brickyard in Nepal, and sewers where Romanian orphans take shelter. 

    One of the key challenges was how to capture the emotion of these places in a confined walk through space. Each room is designed to reflect a different child's experience around the world - going as far as using found objects to make the spaces feel even more immersive. 

    At the end of the tour, students are left asking, "How can I help?" And that transformation is the heart of the project. To bring these students and parents right into the experience of these children in need - ready to respond before they leave. Bringing them to the final stage of the tour where they pack food boxes for families around the world.



    2019 THEA Award for Connected Immersion on a Limited Budget