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Space to Dream

May 17, 2017 — by Gino Beltran


space to dream

Do you feel stuck between the story of your past and the story of your future?

Your physical environment may be holding you back. Take a look around you — does your space communicate your values? Does it resonate with your culture? Or does it lack connection to your beliefs and identity?

What if you gave yourself the space to dream big? What would the story of your future say?

In this week’s Potluck Society podcast, host Hugh Weber discusses the effect space has on our stories with our own Steven Chaparro.



The future will be inspired by the past, but it can’t come in the same form of old ideas. You must connect old ideas with each other to create new ones.

Steven Chaparro


Behind the Build: The Father’s House

April 19, 2017 — by Gino Beltran

Location: Vacaville, CA
Divisions: Envision, Design, Build
Services: Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction

the father's house

In January of 2016, The Father’s House in Northern California celebrated the Grand Opening of Phase 1 of our partnership, which included a brand new auditorium and children’s building. Over the last 19 years, this powerful community has grown from just a few people in a living room to now three campuses, including Napa, East Bay, and the newest — Vacaville.

Pastor Dave Patterson had a vision for the Vacaville location to take people on a mindful journey of God’s presence, no matter where they went on campus. “When we started this project, we had a verse in Exodus 33 that says, ‘God don’t lead us up from here without Your presence.’ Visioneering took that verse from Exodus and created a storyboard that took us from the Wilderness, right into the Promised Land, through the Red Sea with a Cloud of Glory — all of which was represented architecturally. It was quite enjoyable watching that process come to fruition.”

From the flaming “Pillars of Light” to the Children’s Ministry area called “The Passage,” every detail incorporated into the design and architecture of The Father’s House helps tell the story of God leading His people out of Egypt from a life of slavery to a life of freedom. It’s Pastor Dave’s desire that every person stepping on campus would feel the same hope of God’s chosen people in that story of Exodus.

Additionally, for the first time ever in TFH’s 19-year history they have a campus that’s publicly exposed — allowing them not only to thrive and grow in the area, but further their vision of reaching more people who are far from God.

“Since we’ve been in this new auditorium, we’ve seen close to 1,000 people added to this location. We’ve had people come who have never attended church, and we’ve been able to do some nights of worship and events at a brand new level.”

At Visioneering, we can’t wait to continue our partnership with Pastor Dave’s team into Phase 2 of the Vacaville campus, and keep revealing the God-story their community has to offer. Take a further look below Behind the Build of The Father’s House:



My Top 4 Podcast Addictions

October 17, 2014 — by Steven Chaparro

top 4 podcast

I’ve got to admit…I’m a podcast junkie. I especially crave for those, which intersect the worlds of design, architecture, and urbanism. I know…I’m a real urbanerd.

My addiction is so bad that so much of my data plan is consumed by downloading podcasts…regrettably, and most likely, while I’m untethered from a Wi-Fi connection. I go on digital binges while I’m on my walks, bike rides, or especially, while I’m commuting to/from work. It’s a real problem, but I succumb to them thinking that one day…one day I will have use for all of these great stories.

So, what are my podcasts of choice? Well, let me give you a peek behind the curtains of my ether world, my podcast library.



This is one of my worst podcast addictions, rather, my absolute favorites. When I discovered 99% Invisible, it was a monthly podcast, which was great, but that’s a long time in between shows. Then, in 2013, it successfully completed a $375,000 Kickstarter campaign to launch into a weekly format. Nice! So, when every Tuesday rolls around, you bet your life I’ve got my ear bud IV injecting digital goodness into my ears!

99% Invisible is self-described as “a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible that shapes our world.” The show’s creator/host has probably one of the greatest-sounding names in radio: Roman Mars. He was named by Fast Company as one of the 100 Most Creative People in 2013. As strong as his name sounds though, his style and delivery is very demure. He tells stories that “reveal something surprising about the built world”, pursuing the “cool thing inside of the boring thing.”



design matters 2


If I have ever experienced podcast withdrawals, it’s been with Design Matters. Back in June, the shows terminated production. I kept going back to my podcast feed to check on new episodes and found that they had stopped. I finally had it and reached out to its host and creator, Debbie Millman, on Facebook. Under the guise of “Hey, I really love the show…” I popped the burning question, “Where are all the new shows?!”

She graciously thanked me for my “kind words” and informed me that Design Matters was produced in seasons and that the new season would commence in October.

October? Are you kidding me? What was I going to do until October?

Well, it’s October now. It’s all good!

Debbie Millman is the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sterling Brands, a leading brand consultancy. She also serves as the Chair and Founder of the Masters Program in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. In 2005, she started a radio show in which she interviewed her design heroes as a way to learn anything about and from them. Design Matters was the first podcast on design on the Internet, ever. Part of the Design Observer media channel, it has produced over 200 interviews with artists, designers, architects, and though leaders. If you love design and want to learn from the greats, this show is a requirement for your weekly fix.




DnA: Design & Architecture is a “multi-platform exploration of who and what matters in our designed world – on radio, podcast, blog and at public events.” Hosted and Executive Produced by Frances Anderton, a frequent speaker and writer on architecture and design, this podcast focuses its discussion on the Los Angeles region. It is a show of KCRW, a public radio station based out of Santa Monica, CA.

Here’s my only problem with this show – it doesn’t have a reliable release calendar. It’s like a girl who is told by her new beau that he will call, but never tells her when. That’s kind of the way I feel about this show. I will probably refresh my podcast feed later today to see if there is anything waiting for me.



the urbanistTHE URBANIST

My good friend and fellow urbanerd, Sean Benesh, introduced me to The Urbanist. Produced by Monacle 24, and hosted by Andrew Tuck, this show is about “the people making city life better, from dedicated mayors to hi-tech businesses.” Produced as a very high-quality audio magazine by producers from around the globe, it really brings to the forefront the conversations urbanists are having at both a local and global context.

So, there you have it, my podcast of choice. Check them out, the first one is always free, I promise. Let me know what you think. In fact, if you love podcast as well, comment below and share your favorite shows.