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Title:  Chief Financial Officer

Studio:  Irvine, CA

Personal Blurb:  I have 5 loves of my life, in the following order: 1. Jesus 2. My wife 3. My children 4. Coffee 5. Donuts

Choose a Movie Title for Your Life:  The Accountant – obvious reasons…

Can You Play a Musical Instrument:  I enjoy playing piano.

3 Things on Your Bucket List:  New York at Christmas time, Cruise to Alaska & my own C7 Yamaha Grand Piano

Who In The Bible Do You Identify With the Most:  Joshua – the Lord is my Salvation. I’m relatively young, addicted to God’s presence, and a go-getter.

What Does Being A Visioneer Mean to You:  To me, being a Visioneer means impacting this world with the Kingdom of God everyday by serving the local church through innovation and stewardship. It means being a part of a team that is far greater than the sum of the individuals.