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Title:  Operations Manager

Studio:  Irvine, CA

Personal Blurb:  I am definitely a combination of several personality traits – based on the company surveys we have taken.  At work I tend to be very serious and structured, but at home I am spontaneous, easy going, and fun-loving. Haha – probably hard for some people at work to believe! I am an avid water sports enthusiast, and am drawn to anything that pertains to the ocean, lake, or river.  I love scuba diving (in warm water), sailing (in moderate seas), water skiing (on a smooth lake), or just hanging out at the beach with a good book. The ocean is a huge part of my life. I have always lived within 15 minutes of the beach.  I was baptized in the Pacific Ocean in 2007. It was an amazing and transforming experience. I have also worked as a Purser on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Ocean.  That, too, was an amazing experience, but in so many different ways (with stories that are best left untold!).

Choose a Movie Title for Your Life:  Can we make up the title?  If so, my life’s story would be, “Why NOT Me?” (emphasis on NOT).  It would be a dramedy.  I have had many awesome experiences in my life with much joy and laughter, but I have also had some HUGE tragedies and hardships. Through it all, I have always known that there are reasons why everything happens in our lives, and it is all part of God’s plan, and rather than struggle with, “Why Me?”, instead I proclaim, “Why NOT Me?”.  I pray that I can inspire others who may experience similar events in their lives, that they may grow in their relationship with God knowing that He is ever faithful, always present, and really does have a great sense of humor!

Can You Play a Musical Instrument:  I used to play the piano as a little girl, and even performed in several recitals. Now, however, I doubt whether I could play “chopsticks”!

3 Things on Your Bucket List:  Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Visit Israel & Master my fear of public speaking

Who In The Bible Do You Identify With the Most:  I am a combination of Martha and Mary.  On one hand, I would want to be preparing food and catering to Jesus, but on the other hand, I know I would want to sit at His feet and learn from Him.

What Does Being A Visioneer Mean to You:  The camaraderie, and genuine care and concern at Visioneering is second to none.  No other company offers the support, encouragement, and truly inspirational guidance that Visioneering does.  I am amazed at the diverse backgrounds of each Visioneer, and awed that we all found our way to Visioneering, bringing our own personal DNA that links us all in a very unique way.  I feel blessed to be a part of a company where we can pray openly, discuss the bible without fear of reprimand or recourse, and grow together in a faith-based environment.