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Title:  Senior Strategist

Studio:  Irvine, CA

Personal Blurb:  Father of Sophia and Chris. Married to Tina. I love exploring and creating. Life goal of backpacking the JMT. I love the color Yellow. 

Choose a Movie Title for Your Life:  Here and Now:  My life so far has all led me to focus on the here and now, to be fully present.

Can You Play a Musical Instrument:  Drums, Violin and Piano.

3 Things on Your Bucket List:  1 – Hiking the JMT, 2 –  Writing a book & 3 – Producing a Feature Film.

Who In The Bible Do You Identify With the Most:  David. The Poet & Warrior.

What Does Being A Visioneer Mean to You:  Being a part of the God’s Story in creating a more beautiful future.