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The Field Guide process will put data behind your plans to help you hit the target.

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The Field Guide process is specifically designed to your company prepare for a large project. Helping to answer, in part, questions such as:

  • “What should we build?”
  • “How much will it cost?”
  • “How long will it take?”

Visioneering Studios helps companies move forward with clarity and confidence because when the stakes are high, it would be irresponsible to merely “trust your gut.”

In Appoximatly 9 weeks you’ll recieve

Industry Leading Insights

Strategic Feasibility Report

Imagine a custom financial model that illustrates what you can likely afford without robbing your business of dollars. We’ll even include financial models to project potential future phases.

Vision Health Report

Believe it or not, our friends at Auxano will even facilitate a session with your team to prepare a vision health report to analyze your current vision, mission, and cultural health.

Demographics and Psychographics Study

You’ll even get a Demographics Study and a Psychographics Reach Report about your community and the surrounding area, along with insights and analysis. Trust me. This is way more content than you’ll ever find on Google.

RECON Session

One of Visioneering’s development experts will show up on-site for a full facility review and work to uncover your unique story, document your existing conditions, and dive deep into your specifc needs, which will help inform all decisions made regarding your project.

Financing Feasibility Report

Almost every type of building project will require some level of financing, even if it’s just a short-term bridge loan during construction, and projects can’t proceed until funding is in place. That’s why we use loan underwriting experts to create a financing feasibility report to analyze your current financial health and borrowing capacity along with recommendations to put you in the best position to secure future financing from potential lenders.

LandVision and Entitlement Research 

Our team will investigate available resources regarding Planning and Zoning designations, acreage, square footage of buildings, and any wetland or floodplain issues that have been identified, all of which can impact the development of your site. We’ll even conduct some preliminary Entitlement research in your jurisdiction to see what you’re up against when it’s time to get approvals for your project.

Preliminary Building Program 

The Visioneering Field Guide Team will analyze the growth demands and programming desires for your facility and help determine how many square feet you need for optimal impact. We’re gonna analyze every square foot of your building and figure out where you need more space and where you just need a better design with a more efficient layout.

Preliminary Project Schedule & Budget

Finally, you’ll get a Preliminary Project Schedule with major project milestones, a Preliminary Project Budget, and a Preliminary Cash Flow projection for your next phase (that’s a mouthful, huh?). This will give you a general understanding of the associated costs and timing involved with stepping into your next project.

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