Here are a few things that set us apart.

Guided Concierge Service

As experienced pathfinders, we’re thrilled to guide and teach along the way. The Design+Build process can be pretty complicated and since there’s a lot on the line, stepping into a project can be very stressful. Relax, at Visioneering, we’ve seen it all and hope to leverage our experience to give you a guided concierge experience throughout the process.

Maximum Total Cost

It’s never fun to talk about money right out of the gate. But, at Visioneering, we work to design toward your budget. And when we budget your project, we include allowances for everything: we’re talking permits, hidden costs and that fancy leather couch for your lobby. That way you know your maximum total cost right from the beginning without any hidden costs or surprises along the way.

Comprehensive In-House Integration

It’s a mouthful, we know, but our studios house a dream team of architects, contractors, developers, interior designers… you get the idea. Being under the same roof, it’s easy for our Design+Build process to engage the entire team every step of the way. That comprehensive in-house integration brings clarity, creativity and mind-blowing solutions to your project.

Mind-Blowing Solutions

Our commitment to you is that Visioneering Studios will deliver mind-blowing solutions that will not only inspire and excite your team but will fit within your budget. Throughout the architectural phase of the Design+Build process, our team will continue to collaborate to ensure that vision doesn’t erode and every dollar is maximized.

Not Sure what you need?

How to get started

Right from the start, seasoned developers, always put science and data into the mix to test and clarify assumptions before they double-down on a big build. Your project is no different. That’s why our team has developed the Field Guide. We’ll help you nail down your project’s feasibility and make sure every dollar spent helps move you forward.

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The first step of any Design+Build project is “concept design.” At Visioneering Studios, we call the results of this process our Basecamp. Creating a roadmap that is perfect for supporting fundraising efforts and helping to clarify the project’s total maximum cost… launching your vision into reality.

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