Two weeks ago, we shared with you the first of our five core values at Visioneering: Pioneering Wall-less Impact through Ruthless Innovation. Today, our own Mike Campbell is sharing our second core value: Equipping Leaders at Every Step of the Expedition.

Is there anything worse than knowing your heading out on a journey or getting ready to attempt a new challenge, only to find out you aren’t prepared for what lies ahead?

Several years ago I ran the New York City Marathon, and it was quite the journey. I wasn’t prepared or equipped for the 26.2-mile journey around the five boroughs of New York City. I struggled with injuries and sickness leading up to the race, and mentally, I was pretty exhausted — even before the wake-up call on race day. Still, I finished the race, and I distinctly remember the final mile into Central Park across the finish line.

“Get me outta here.” “I’m done.” “No more.”

Those were the words in my mind (and probably rolling off my lips) as I crossed the finished line. That 26.2-mile, agonizing journey couldn’t have been over soon enough.

Looking back, I can see that I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t healthy, and I wasn’t equipped. It wore me out, it burned me out, and it just plain hurt. The recovery was long and painful, took longer than normal, and almost ended my running passion.

  • Can you feel the weight of that moment?
  • Have you had your own similar moment?

Isn’t leadership at times just like that? How many of us have said, “Get me outta here”, “I’m done”, and “No more”?

How can we ensure we are equipped and are equipping leaders at every step of the expedition?

Wherever you find yourself in your leadership journey, one thing is for sure — it won’t be the same tomorrow. You will need more equipment, more training, more encouragement, and more people speaking into your life… this list could go on and on. One of the best questions to ask yourself is this: What areas in my own life and leadership do I need to grow in to become the leader I desire to be in the future?

Much of being a leader is ‘taught’ but an equal amount is also ‘caught.’ Ask yourself: What knowledge and skill do I need to do the role I’ve been called to? The answer to that question can be ‘taught.’ But what about those skills that are ‘caught’? Character and passion — how will you acquire those? Who is investing into you and discipling you in your leadership journey?

At Visioneering Studios, we want to be part of that journey with you. Our desire is to equip you in every step of your design-build expedition and journey. Your organization may be in the early stages of mission and vision clarity. Perhaps you are ready to dream and envision what might be within your organization. Or maybe it’s finally time to design and build the perfect space to tell your unique story. Wherever you are, we want to serve you as Outfitters of your expedition!