Putting data and science behind your project to build a solid foundation for launch.

Dispute Resolution

Our developers, licensed contractors, and licensed architects can provide expert witness testimony for your project claims, or we can be written into your contracts as the Initial Decision Maker or “Project Neutral” to provide expert, impartial decisions when conflicts arise.

Development Advisor

Often Owner’s don’t have a staff member or volunteer with the necessary expertise to manage a project, or with the time available to be actively engaged. Let our Development Advisors become your Owner’s Representative to help manage the project for you.


Whether you want to buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate, we can help you find and evaluate options and close the deal.*

Facility / Site Assessment

If you would like an analysis of your current site or facility to look at deferred maintenance items, or to dream about ways to improve your guest experience, we can come visit your site for an evaluation and then document our findings and generate ideas and budgets for proposed next steps.

Lender Services

We work as consultants contracted directly by lenders across the country to provide help with budget review and constructability analysis prior to loan approval, site visits during construction, and fund control by reviewing pay applications and change orders to make sure the project stays within the approved loan amount.

Demographics & Psychographics

Would you like to know the community around you better and understand what their concerns are? We can provide you with insights and data to assess whether you are reaching your community effectively.

Customized Consulting Services

If you can think of a problem or a need related to your real estate or facilities, we can create a customized engagement to tackle your issues and propose creative, cost-effective solutions to help keep you on track so you can focus on what’s important.

We partner with a wide range of industries.


Using the same insights and tools as leading international firms our team will help bring clarity and insights into your next building project.

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Gain invaluable knowledge and research to build a solid foundation for your next project while minimizing risk.

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Apply industry leading insights to your building project so that you can move forward with confidence.

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* All Real Estate Brokerage services are provided through Charlotte Commercial Partners, Inc. (“CCP”) in North and South Carolina, and under cooperative agreements between CCP and locally licensed brokerage firms around the country for other states where allowed (CCP North Carolina Firm License #C27078).