Visioneering Studios is no stranger to transition. In fact, we believe change is necessary to make room for growth and innovation as an organization. Recently, we’ve been on a transformative journey of refining and clarifying our Vision, Mission and Values in order to better serve our partners and narrow our focus on doing what we do best.

We were honored to have our friends at Auxano come alongside us on this journey to develop an inner compass for our Visioneering team that included five core values. As Christ-followers and as Visioneers, one of the things we aim to be in our work is transparent. Transparency builds trust, and it’s a goal of ours to be trusted stewards of story and space in all of our partnerships.

In that spirit of transparency, we’d like to share the heart behind one of the five core values we are committed to at Visioneering Studios:

Pioneering Wall-less Impact through Ruthless Innovation

Let’s break that down.

Pioneering >>> At its core, “Vision” points to an unfamiliar, uncharted territory. If it didn’t, it would just be current reality. Vision calls us to move beyond current circumstances into the unknown, the unseen. We often don’t know what to expect or what we will need, but we must find the courage to step forth.

Wall-less Impact >>> We strive to create environments where transformation for good can take place, but that doesn’t always exist within four walls. We want the spaces we create to have an impact that exists within, in-between and beyond — one that cannot be contained within the walls of a building.

Ruthless >>> We are not romantic with the way things “used to be.” We believe what got us here will not always get us there. We honor our past, but we know how to let go of the way it’s been, in order to grab a hold of what needs to be.

Innovation >>> We are not interested in just upgrading or iterating our processes. We believe that every space has a story to tell, and every story deserves unique attention. We create new solutions required to respond to new challenges and disruptions that confront us, every day.

Below is a talk by Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, shared at the 99U conference about “Creative Destruction.” Basecamp was birthed out of this “Creative Destruction” habit and now serves over 100,000+ paying customers. What started as a Web Design company has now transformed into a successful software company. Take a look at how this core value of “Pioneering through Ruthless Innovation” can be worked out:

As we keep moving forward through our transformative journey, we want to continue to share what we’re learning and how we’re establishing our values with you, our partners. And we’d love to hear the same from you, as well. What important lessons are you learning about your team as your organization grows? What do you value most in the work that you do? How are you implementing those values into your partnerships? Comment below.