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Architecture Licenses


StateActive?License #Entity
AL - AlabamaActiveCA-0655Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
AK - AlaskaNot Currently Licensed*
AZ - ArizonaActive15781-0Visioneering Studios, Inc.
AR - ArkansasActiveC657Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
CA - CaliforniaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
CO - ColoradoActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
CT - ConnecticutNot Currently Licensed*
DC - District of ColumbiaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
DE - DelwareNot Currently Licensed*
FL - FloridaActiveAA26002670Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
GA - GeorgiaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
HI - HawaiiActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
ID - IdahoNot Currently Licensed*
IL - IllinoisActive184.005771Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
IN - IndianaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
IA - IowaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
KS - KansasActiveA-817Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
KY - KentuckyActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
LA - LouisianaActiveAC0559Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
ME - MaineNot Currently Licensed*
MD - MarylandActive17059Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
MA - MassachusettsActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
MI - MichiganActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
MN - MinnesotaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
MS - MississippiActiveIndividual License(s)**Geoffrey Chevlin Architect, P.C.
MO - MissouriActive2012010065Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
MT - MontanaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
NE - NebraskaActiveCA883Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
NV - NevadaActive09-914Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
NH - New HampshireNot Currently Licensed*
NJ - New JerseyActive21AC00077000Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
NM - New MexicoNot Currently Licensed*
NY - New YorkActive081967Geoffrey Chevlin Architect, P.C.
NC - North CarolinaActive52380Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
ND - North DakotaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
OH - OhioActive00297495Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
OK - OklahomaActive'02646Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
OR - OregonActiveARF-0952Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
PA - PennsylvaniaActiveAX010870Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
RI - Rhode IslandNot Currently Licensed*
SC - South CarolinaActiveARF100623Visioneering Studios, Inc.
SD - South DakotaNot Currently Licensed*
TN - TennesseeActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
TX - TexasActiveBR7258Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
UT - UtahNot Currently Licensed*
VT - VermontNot Currently Licensed*
VA - VirginiaActive0407005705Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
WA - WashingtonActive603431633Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc.
WV - West VirginiaActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.
WI - WisconsinActive3950Visioneering Studios, Inc.
WY - WyomingActiveIndividual License(s)**Visioneering Studios, Inc.

* Visioneering Studios, Inc., Visioneering Studios Architecture, Inc or Geoffrey Chevlin Architect, P.C. does not currently have an architectural entity or individual architects registered or licensed as a business entity or an Architect in this state yet, but our goal is to serve clients nationwide, so if you’re interested in pursuing a project with us let us know and we’ll start the process of getting properly registered in your state.

** This state only requires that individual architects get licenses in that state, and we have individual(s) with architectural licenses in this state.

The information contained on this website is not an offer to provide, or a solicitation to sell, any product or service in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the appropriate licensing laws or other laws and regulations of such jurisdiction