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Title:  Principal Architect

Studio:  Irvine, CA

Personal Blurb:  I enjoy working at Visioneering as I get to be around people that I can learn from, both on a spiritual level and on a professional level. Visioneering is a testament to what like-minded people working together towards a common goal can achieve. The projects are challenging and I feel fortunate to be involved in all aspects of them, from design to construction closeout. I especially enjoy seeing a project after everything is done, being used for its intended purpose.

Choose a Movie Title for Your Life:  Groundhog Day:  The premise of the movie is about a man who relives the same day over and over for what seems like the rest of his life. We could choose to do the same thing every day of our life without challenges, or we could choose to do something each day to improve ourselves and be of service to others.

Can You Play a Musical Instrument:  No.

3 Things on Your Bucket List:  1 – Hiking the Kalalua trail in Kauai,  2 – Visit Jerusalem & 3 – Visit the Vatican

Who In The Bible Do You Identify With the Most:  Peter. His transformation is a model for all of us. He questioned, mis-judged, and faltered in his faith, but there were larger plans for him in the Church. He most likely never would guessed his life would lead him where it did, and we, like him, are unknowing of God’s role for us. He is a reminder of the continuous conversion we are all experiencing.

What Does Being A Visioneer Mean to You:  It means to be a guide through the complicated process of design and construction. It also means that we have chosen to use the gifts that God has given us towards the great commission: to pass on Jesus’ teachings, by the spaces we create.