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Top Five School Design Trends

To better understand what’s possible (and plausible) in schools, let’s explore the top five design...

6 Reason Your Students Hate Their Space

Good news is, some churches are started to get with the program, as two key environmental...

Unlocking Success: Three Keys for Keeping Your Project on Track

The most rewarding part? The community's response. In a town of 7,000, where cows often outnumbered...

2024 Top 8 Trends in Church Design

So buckle up; it's about to get aesthetically pleasing.  

7 Steps to Improve Your Wayfinding

What if you were forced to rely solely on your facility’s design to guide each guest?

The New Office Space: Phone Booths, Nap Pods, and Pet Beds

I think we can officially say we have entered the after-COVID stage in almost every area of life....

24 Hours to Launching Your Vision

12:00 AM : Inspiration Striikes

You've woken up in a cold sweat with what can only be described as...

Storytelling for Mission

Let's start at the beginning - you have a mission. 

What “Story” Does The Condition Of Your Facility Tell?

Have you ever taken a chance on a Yelp recommendation only to walk into the restaurant and be...