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3 Variations of Design+Build Projects

At Visioneering Studios, we describe ourselves as a Design+Build firm. We are proud of our unique ability to take a project from initial concepts all the way through to grand opening. In our opinion, that True Integration is one of the things that makes it possible for us to deliver Mind-Blowing Solutions. Here is why… Design+Build projects, when done in a project-centric, open-book environment, result in some of the best development and construction project outcomes. 

So what exactly is Design+Build? 

Design+Build’s basic idea is that it is a method to deliver a construction project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. This entity is known as the design-builder or design-build contractor. This arrangement minimizes risk because it relies on a single point of responsibility when it comes to the contract. This reduces the client’s risk and reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and the construction phase of the project. At Visioneering Studios, what that means is that you’ll have the people who designed your space in the room, talking with the people who will build your project from beginning to end. That saves time, saves money, and minimizes mistakes through the entire process. 

So what types of Design+Build methods are there? 


Contractor Led Design+Build

In this method, the design-builder is a general contractor who either hires design professionals or partners (subcontracts) the design elements to independent design professional firms. The stated benefit of this method is that the project generally stays on budget. This is because the design-builder, in this case, the contractor, is cost-driven. That means that price may come before things like vision, purpose, design, or even quality. 

Architect Led Design+Build

The counter to the contractor lead process is to have the process led by the Architect. In this method, design becomes the driving factor of the project, followed by client needs and then project costs. This was a way for the architectural firms to gain control instead of being a subcontractor – making it less and about the client and more about the firm. 

Project Led Design+Build

In this method, the project (aka the client) takes priority over any other consideration. That is why at Visioneering Studios, we view ourselves as stewards of your vision. Our goal is to walk with you along this journey as trusted guides.


Building your project is one of the most consequential decisions you’ll have to make – with long-lasting outcomes that can either help you thrive or stifle growth for years to come. 

Let’s look at some of the features and attributes of a Project Led Design+Build project at Visioneering Studios:

  1. As the design-builder, Visioneering Studios becomes the central point of contact for any needs, issues, or questions on everything from vision to finishes.
  2. Your team will include architects, interior designers, graphic designers, contractors, consultants, and subcontractors from very early stages. Sometimes, only a few desks away.
  3. Your budget will be stewarded and planned towards from the start. We call it our Budget-Savvy Guarantee™, and it means that we will work with you to understand your budget and create solutions that go beyond what you thought possible.