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Does Your Church Facility Need a Physical? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

How often do you get a physical?  For the past 20+ years, I have gotten one every year.  The poking, the prodding, the blood work….you know the drill.  There is critical benchmarking done during this annual ritual including comparisons from the previous procedures as well as discussions about “best practices” for a person my age, height and family history. I learn things I need to work on for the upcoming year and behaviors I need to improve, add or terminate (like weight… sodium… fatty food). This is all meant for my good and longevity….none of the suggested changes are done to hurt me or shorten my life span, but rather to extend my life and productivity. Besides, we are the temple of God….right?

So, what about a “physical” for our ministry facilities (the other temple)?  Do they need a physical?

Let’s take a pre-physical assessment to see if you can answer all of the below questions:

Pre-Physical  Assessment


1. What is the effective life expectancy of the roof(s) at your facility?

2. How many more years will your HVAC systems last and how much will they cost to replace? 

3. Do you have any mold, asbestos or other environmental issues?

4. What kind of “First Impression” will your facilities have on a guest?

5. How do your operational costs compare to industry benchmarking?

6. Are your facilities safe?

7. Do your facilities meet code(s)?

8. Do you have any “Life Safety” issues that could be a hazard to your members and guests?

9. Is your property still insurable for its replacement value?

10. Are your facilities as energy efficient as possible and are you keeping up with the changes in technology and laws?

My guess is that the majority of you either could not answer these questions or answered them in the negative instead of affirmative….thus the statement –   what you don’t know can hurt you.

So, how do you “know” the answer to these questions? What we recommend is a Facility Assessment…a physical.  I have been very encouraged lately to see more and more churches investing in the “knowing” what condition their facility is in and then taking steps to address the current and long term issues associated with any/every/all facilities.

So…what can you do to get “in the know”?

We strongly encourage churches to perform or hire someone to perform various levels of Facility Assessments.  There are a variety of complexities and methods that can be considered…and each has their place.  Here are some of the most common assessments that our team has been asked to perform:

  1. “Fresh Eyes” Assessment   –   A “10,000 foot view” of your facility/campus with the perspective of a first time guest(s).
  2. Physical Facility Assessment – A detailed approach to reviewing the major systems, building components and Life Cycle projections (including potential replacement costs)
  3. Operational Cost Assessment and Benchmarking
  4. Facility Staffing Review
  5. Deferred Maintenance Assessment
  6. Preventive Maintenance  Review and Plan Development
  7. GREEN Initiative Plan
  8. Implementation Recommendations and Process  

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