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Insights: Vision

24 Hours to Launching Your Vision

12:00 AM : Inspiration Striikes

You've woken up in a cold sweat with what can only be described as...

Storytelling for Mission

Let's start at the beginning - you have a mission. 


2022 Church Design Trends

The start of every new year always brings an avalanche of usual predictions about what the year...

Lessons Learned From Disney's Biggest Mistake

Disney Resorts had a problem.

Top Design Trends of 2021

1. Ruthless Evaluation of Facilities.

Church staffing experts have warned us that 2020 has...

6 New Rules for Social Media

Welcome to the COVID phase of church history. Our doors are closed, our congregations are online...

Why Vision Matters in Church Architecture

There are thousands of churches across the country, and every one of them has its own story. From a...

The Problem with Single Serve Design

Two years ago I got married, and my husband and I had to figure out what we were going to keep and...