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Why Vision Matters in Church Architecture

There are thousands of churches across the country, and every one of them has its own story. From a rich history to a vital mission, we all have values that we hold to in our churches. We have a vision for who God has called us to be. The question is, how well are you communicating that story? And really, from our point of view… How well is your space communicating that story?

So now, imagine with us that you’re redesigning your church. Maybe you’re running out or parking and seats. Or perhaps your kid’s ministry is in danger of flowing into the cafe.

All pressing problems.

But it’s our belief that in solving those issues, we must understand your heart for ministry. That’s because every church we have ever worked with has its own passions. Maybe your digging wells to provide clean water, or partnering with the county to help foster children. It is through that mission that we can help you to envision a space that not only solves your immediate needs but helps to launch your vision through appropriate space planning.

That should be the role and expectation of an architect or contractor you hire. Not to build you a meeting room or a worship center but instead to design and build a launching pad for your ministry. Focusing beyond the walls, floors, and number of parking spaces – which is, of course, still important – into the story that makes your church unique.

That’s because, along the way, so many choices get made. Maybe a closet needs to be larger, or a wall needs to be added. Decision after decision that has the power to slowly shift your space away from the mission and vision it was meant to launch.

And when that happens…

Do you have a beautiful new space? Yes.
Do you have more parking spots? Yes.
Do you have an information center fit to tell your story? Maybe.
Do you have a space dedicated to your mission? No.


At Visioneering Studios, we have some team members who worked for Disney. One of the things they learned along the way was that the story and vision for an attraction they were developing were so vital that they actually had someone write a narrative for the area. Complete with a backstory and minute details to help inform the design.

It was all of those details that made the project come to life. Without them, Disneyland would have just been a collection of bathrooms, rides, stores, and walkways designed to meet code.

That is why hearing your story, learning your mission, experiencing your heart for ministry is the best recipe for launching your vision into reality.

At Visioneering Studios, we value having our designers, contractors, architects, and your team all at one table. Making decisions together that will determine the future success of a church’s – your church’s mission.