The experience of a national construction firm with the knowledge of a local partner.

General Contractor

Our team of contractors has experience building projects nationwide for major retail chains, theme parks and restaurants to go along with their deep knowledge of church construction. We will ensure the planning, leading, execution and inspection of you building project from beginning to end. Along with that our team will handle all sub-contracting with a transparent quoting process that never upcharges on contacted work.

Construction Management

Typically they are three parties involved in a project. You as the owner, an architect or engineer and then the contract who is building the project. As a construction manager or role would be to act on your behalf to ensure the successful completion of the project within the timeline and budget.


Our team will work to lay out the entire scope and schedule of your project before construction ever begins. This includes preliminary planning and engineering services as well as providing a clear scope of the project before construction ever starts. That scope will look at things such as any potential issues, schedule, cost estimates and a full analysis of your jobs needs.

We partner with a wide range of industries.


From ground-breaking to ribbon cutting our team of church builders works with you to ensure your project reaches its full potential.

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Using our exclusive Budget-Savvy™ Guarantee, the construction team at Visioneering protects you against suprise costs and budget overruns.

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With experience building for large themeparks and national chains, our team of builders and contractors can handle any project.

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