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About Visioneering Studios

Visioneering Studios is a place that is full of passionate designers, builders, accountants, and more. It's a passion for our client's vision, a passion for our company's mission, a passion for being a part of creating and launching mind-blowing work.

Bringing the past experiences of Disney Imagineers, global architects, and national construction experts together - Visioneering Studios has brought story-based design to historically under-served clients for the last twenty years. These are spaces where churches were designed by "a guy we know," schools were given the "B-Team," and nonprofits were priced out of the market. Simultaneously, these places where life change happens are full of passionate people and big visions for those they serve. That is why our team strives to bring story and form to that passion - launching their vision into reality.

To help give you an idea of our culture - at Visioneering, we have these five "We Are" statements. They can be kind of intimidating - especially if you are more comfortable with a computer mouse than leading an "expedition." But don't worry, we won't be sending you to Wilderness Survival Camp any time soon. 

  1. We are Raconteurs... Immersing deeper purpose into story and space.
  2. We are Ground-Breakers... Pioneering wall-less impact through ruthless innovation.
  3. We are Outfitters... Equipping leaders at every step of the expedition.
  4. We are Guardians... Stewarding vision and equity through faithful partnership. 
  5. We are Conspirators... Leveraging art and science through collaborative genius.

Our Leadership

Having worked with some of the foremost companies globally, including Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros, and AECOM, our founding team members desired to bring their experience and expertise to revolutionize under-served industries such as schools and non-profit organizations. They founded Visioneering Studios as a master planning agency in 2002 in Southern California. Since then, we have grown to almost 50 employees working with national reach from our Nashville, Dallas, and Santa Ana offices. Our leadership's range of expertise and passion for our vision has led to the creation of Visioneering Studios, Visioneering Studios Architecture, Visioneering Studios Construction, Visioneering Studios Real Estate, and James Cortez CPA to further serve our client base. 

Current Openings

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