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How it Works

We start each master planning project with a highly creative and interactive three-hour experience. This engaging session walks your team through our discovery process to identify your company’s unique story, strategy and vision. Everything we learn in this time becomes the fuel that launches your project into reality.

This is where the concierge experience really kicks in. Seriously, we’ve even had clients say that having our design team work with them was like having another staff member for a few months. We love working with organizations to discover their unique story and how it can be used to inform their spaces.

Coming out of your Basecamp experience, you’ll have concept images in hand as soon as two weeks after our on-site visit. It is during that time that the entire Visioneering Studios team will collaborate on your project to develop a mind-blowing solution that can be used to successfully launch you into the next phase of the project – whether thats ground breaking or raising capital.

Customized to fit your story

Three Types of Basecamps

Master Planning

Through the master planning process we work with your team to create a long-range plan that stewards your business’ site in a way that protects your vision while bringing deeper meaning to your spaces. The end result being a comprehensive plan that can carry you from the vision stage to ground-breaking.

Major Renovation

We know many organizations have worked tirelessly in their communities for years. Often times that work takes a priority over things like paint, furniture and maintance. Our team can help develop compelling solutions to revitalize the look, update the function and repurpose your existing facility.

Next Phase Development

Whether you are moving into an existing space or looking to upgrade your current property our team will work with you to capture yout vision and build it out in a way that is Buget-Savvy™ so that you can plan your growth over time. Then we will walk with you as each phase moves from vision to ribbon-cutting successfully.

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