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Joshua Medical Center

La Palma, CA

    A Relaxing Day at the Doctors Office

    Not many people are eager to head to the doctor. The founders of Joshua Medical Center recognize this. But think about the attitude people have when going on a cruise—they’re focused on relaxation, peace, joy, and enjoying the people around them. That is the spirit the Joshua Medical team wanted to convey in their new building. 

    You enter the medical center from the port (left) side, which is how you enter most ships and stepping in the door, you are greeted with breezy ocean colors and a sandy-colored floor. They have live music playing in the common areas, a relaxed atmosphere conveying the idea of health and wellness, encouraging exercise, eating nutritionally. The medical staff wears Hawaiian shirts to add to the ambiance, and they regularly host luaus!

    We remodeled the entire main floor and started the second floor. The future plans are:

    • adding balconies that will look like life rafts with a pop of orange; this would add some additional detail to that side of the building and also people from the medical suites could step out onto the balconies to contribute to the look of a ship.
    • a roof deck with string lights and ambiance where they can host events, almost like topside on a cruise ship
    • potentially creating a vertical circulation on the south end of the building in a curved bow form.