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Unlocking Success: Three Keys for Keeping Your Project on Track

The most rewarding part? The community's response. In a town of 7,000, where cows often outnumbered...

2024 Top 8 Trends in Church Design

So buckle up; it's about to get aesthetically pleasing.  

7 Steps to Improve Your Wayfinding

What if you were forced to rely solely on your facility’s design to guide each guest?

The New Office Space: Phone Booths, Nap Pods, and Pet Beds

I think we can officially say we have entered the after-COVID stage in almost every area of life....

24 Hours to Launching Your Vision

12:00 AM : Inspiration Striikes

You've woken up in a cold sweat with what can only be described as...

Storytelling for Mission

Let's start at the beginning - you have a mission. 

What “Story” Does The Condition Of Your Facility Tell?

Have you ever taken a chance on a Yelp recommendation only to walk into the restaurant and be...

10 Church Design Lessons from a Disney Imagineer

Known worldwide as Disney Imagineers, those who have worked for WED Enterprises have had a...

2022 Church Design Trends

The start of every new year always brings an avalanche of usual predictions about what the year...